Knotwork Coloring Calendar

This calendar was designed for people who want their planners to be both pretty and functional. You can pick a different color scheme for every month, allowing you to truly personalize your planner, no drawing skill required. You can print all pages of this PDF at once, or individual pages as you go. This PDF also includes one semi-blank page, with only the days of the week labeled, so that you can continue using this calendar into 2018 if you so desire. There is also a completely blank page, if you’re someone who would rather write out your own months or start your weeks on a Wednesday. Time is an illusion! Do whatever you want!

This design can be printed on any letter-sized page that you’d like, and shouldn’t even need to be resized (though it can be if you prefer wider margins). Certain PDF readers and printer settings may cause the lines to have slight amounts of aliasing; I’ve have the best luck using Adobe Acrobat, but your mileage may very. Print onto regular copy paper to color with pencils, or onto cardstock to color with fine-point markers. While it was designed with letter-sized discbound planners in mind, a wider margin will make it just as suitable for a three-ring binder or other style of planner.

My knotwork coloring pages are intricate, tiny, and very advanced! That makes them unsuitable for colorers with poor fine motor control or any disabilities of the hand that could cause pain. I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves trying to color these pages in! Take plenty of breaks, stretch your hands, and be careful of your posture.

This coloring page is for personal use only. There are no watermarks, nor is there any text to distract from the knotwork. This means that there is no DRM or protection of any kind on this product! This is entirely on the honor system. I keep my prices low in the hopes that everyone who wants one can buy a copy of this coloring page.

You may print this file as many times as you like, and share printouts with whoever you’d like. Just don’t try to sell the finished colored pages, or present the knotwork pattern as your own. If you post a picture of your finished creation online, I’d love it if you tagged @KittyUnpretty or linked back to my site (or both).

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