Unprofessional Behavior: Chapter Sixteen

Victoria: Want to meet me in the storage room in twenty minutes or so?
Jeremy: We probably shouldn’t
Victoria: Why?
Jeremy: I think they’re onto us
Victoria: What?
Victoria: Fuck.
Victoria: The nerd guys.
Jeremy: Will and Darren
Victoria: You knew who I meant.
Jeremy: I told them not to mention it
Victoria: That just made it seem like a big deal.
Victoria: So now everyone knows we’re fucking, or what?
Jeremy: A few people think we might be dating
Victoria: You go on dates with other chicks, though.
Victoria: Does that not throw them off at all?
Jeremy: I haven’t gone out in a while
Victoria: Shit.
Victoria: Why not?
Jeremy: I didn’t want to?
Victoria: Did you run out of Tindr?
Jeremy: I decided I didn’t want to go out when I could stay home and fuck you instead
Jeremy: Sue me
Victoria: Well look where that got us.
Victoria: At work, not fucking.
Jeremy: We can still fuck after work just fine
Victoria: Your dick was like my favorite fringe benefit, though.
Jeremy: Was that in your employment contract
Victoria: It probably should have been.
Jeremy: I’m sorry about this
Victoria: It’s fine.
Jeremy: It’s not
Jeremy: You wanted this to be under the radar
Victoria: It was stupid to think we could keep it that way.
Victoria: You like having people over and stuff.
Jeremy: You’re always free to join us when I do
Victoria: It’s fine.
Jeremy: Do you still go on walks?
Victoria: Not really.
Jeremy: Why not?
Victoria: There’s nowhere to really go.
Jeremy: I can show you some places
Victoria: It’s fine.
Jeremy: You sure?
Jeremy: Do you only like walking in the woods?
Victoria: Kind of, yeah.
Jeremy: There’s the woods behind the house
Victoria: Those aren’t woods.
Victoria: Those are privacy trees.
Jeremy: Same/diff
Victoria: Privacy trees are completely different and also gross.
Jeremy: I’ll take your word for it
Jeremy: I just feel like I took your privacy and your hobby away?
Victoria: Walking by creepy train tracks wasn’t a hobby.
Victoria: It was a thing to do.
Jeremy: That’s what a hobby is
Victoria: You know what I mean.
Victoria: I’ll find something new to do when I need alone time.
Jeremy: Shit
Jeremy: Alone time means you won’t want to go hiking with me right
Victoria: God no.
Victoria: Why would I ever.
Jeremy: For fun and fitness
Victoria: I’m disgusted.
Jeremy: >:3
Victoria: Oh Christ don’t start with that shit again.
Jeremy: >:3c


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