Astielle: Chapter Thirty

NSFW Content Warnings
Gangbang ❤ Dubious Consent ❤ Maledom ❤ Femsub ❤ Sadism/Masochism ❤ Biting with Fangy Teeth ❤ Breastplay ❤ Physical Restraint ❤ Size Difference ❤ Size Kink ❤ Penetrative Sex ❤ Weird Monster Dicks ❤ Tentacles ❤ Frotting ❤ Penis-in-Vagina Sex ❤ Anal Sex ❤ Blowjobs ❤ Handjobs ❤ Facefucking ❤ Spitroasting ❤ Double Penetration ❤ Multiple Orgasms ❤ Overstimulation ❤ Rough Sex ❤ Dirty Talk ❤ Excessive Amounts of Monster Semen ❤ Snowballing ❤ Creampie (no impreg) ❤ Sloppy Seconds ❤ it’s a gangbang and there’s dicks and jizz everywhere i don’t know how to make this any clearer

Violet descended from the clouds to land beside Rose in the courtyard of the Castle of Perivo. He would have liked to shake the water from his wings and rest a while—it had been a lengthy flight, after all—but it lacked a certain regality. He fell into a bow appropriate for one royal to another. “Violet Savagewing at your service, Your Majesty,” Violet said. “King Karzarul sends his regards, and his apologies that he could not be here himself.”

“That’s quite all right,” the Queen of Perivo said, which meant the presence of ordinary monsters was horrifying enough. No doubt she had some funny ideas about how many heads the King of All Monsters possessed.

Rubellite and Sapphire stood behind Rose at something like attention, a lazy grip on their spears. Rose’s sleeves were less dramatic than Violet’s, though he kept longer tails on his robe. He liked to keep his hair in a high ponytail tied with a long ribbon, with makeup that emphasized his cheekbones. Rubellite and Sapphire wore tunic vests and knee-length skirts, both in black instead of bothering to match their skin. Sapphire kept his face bare and his hair cut to a sharp chin-length bob, while Rubellite kept his long and pulled into a bun with a neatly-trimmed beard. Little touches to make them distinct, insofar as they were capable of it.

“The Hollow monsters are being dealt with to your satisfaction?” Violet asked.

“There are more strongholds yet,” Princess Camille said with a small bow of her own, “but the bulk of them seem to have been dispatched. Perivo appreciates the assistance of your people.”

“Of course,” Violet said. “We only regret that these beasts have been allowed to wear our faces for so long.”

“Lord Rose has informed us that King Karzarul would be open to trade,” Prince Antonin said. “Perivo has much to offer. We would be interested to know what it is we might have in return.”

Violet had been deliberately garish, gold thread embroidering his robe and a rainbow of gemstones dripping from his neck in delicate gold chain. The hands opposite the ones holding his fans were bedecked in rings that came to sharp points like claws, all connected with more chains. Even his fans had been gold-plated for the occasion. It was all a bit much, but Perivo was the sort of place that responded well to excess.

“We are monsters,” Violet said. “One must be careful what one asks of us.” He snapped his fans shut and flared out his wings to their full and massive span, summoning up a haze of purple moonlight. The ability of any monster but Karzarul to summon moonlight was limited, and though Violet could do more than most, it did little but look impressive. The Knights guarding the Queen moved to protect her.

“We are possessed of wonders beyond your comprehension, constructs and mechanisms beyond your wildest imaginings. We could line our streets in sapphires and gold, so trivial do we find their beauty. What once was ours is ours again, all that was stolen from us reclaimed, and the spires of Karzarul’s Castle climb to glory. If we desired it we could rain riches upon your lowliest peasants, offer to your soldiers more salt than the ocean could bear. Your treasury would be worthless, your crown a trifle, your economy in tatters before the weight of our merciless generosity.”

Violet drew in his wings and clasped his hands. “So we will be trying to avoid that, yes?”

“Of course,” the Queen said, not at all discomfited.

Violet turned his smile to Prince Antonin. “We have observed,” Violet said, “that humans produce a great deal of trash.”

“I beg your pardon?” the Prince said.

“There is the usual kind, as any animal might make,” Violet continued, “such as sewage, bad crops, moldy bread crusts. That sort of thing. But then you have your human trash, the things that don’t rot. Broken pottery, shattered glass, rusted metal, last year’s fashions. As we are not human, you must forgive me if I have misunderstood. It seems to me that your current method of dealing with the problem is to dig a pit, fill the pit, and then when the pit is much too full of things that do not rot, you cover it up with the dirt from digging another pit. Is this correct?”

“It is a simplification,” the Princess said, “but it is not incorrect.”

“Those things that do not rot,” Violet said, snapping open his fan to flutter it again, “monsters can make to disappear. We would be willing to provide this service if Perivo were willing to provide us with sugar.”

“Reconsider suggesting that your refuse ought be its own payment,” Rose warned the Prince, fluttering his own fan beside Violet. “We have offered to solve a problem. It is not out of the kindness of our hearts that we do so.”

“Sugar,” the Queen repeated thoughtfully.

“With your access to the Southern coasts, you are in the best position to provide it,” Violet said, “but far from the only. We are being generous, but mercifully so.”

“Are monsters partial to sweets?” the Prince asked.

Violet smiled, sharp teeth visible despite his fluttering fan. “We are partial to many things,” he said. “We have no shortage of meat, but one tires of things that bleed. To rebuild a castle takes no time at all, but in its work a bee will not be rushed.”

The Princess snapped her fingers, and a woman came forward with a small tray of trifles. “If you are so inclined,” the Princess offered.

“I do hate to say no to a sweet little thing,” Violet said. The woman seemed to lean away as he reached for a small cake. He narrowed his eyes.

“You’re really tall,” she explained apologetically, and it was true that she needed to lean backward to be able to make eye contact. Etiquette meant she ought not to have been making eye contact. Violet took a cake and looked her over, for all the good it did him. Fashion in Perivo went for enormous skirts and tight bodices that gave everyone the figure of a broom. She had brown-black hair in a tight crown of thick plaits, and the hard-sided bodice suited her not at all.

“Yes,” he agreed. “Yes I am.” She remembered to lower her face, but not her eyes, dark hazel-green. He held one of his fans in such a way as to hide his wink. She turned red and retreated.

«Is construction on the castle really so far along?» Rose asked in Aekhite, to avoid being overheard.

«Oh, fuck no,» Violet said, throwing himself at Rose now that they had a room to themselves. They’d been given a suite befitting diplomats even before Violet arrived. «We haven’t even started on the castle, we need to figure out the plumbing first.»

«The fucking plumbing,» Safi said.

«See?» Violet said. «You know. All the King cares about is whether he can take a bath, he doesn’t care about the toilets. We’re figuring that part out first, then we can build the spires. And baths. There’s going to be a huge bath.» He sighed, all his weight still on Rose. «My wings are tired,» he complained. He twitched his wings, ruffling his feathers.

«Poor baby,» Rose said. «No one appreciates all the work you do to take human garbage.»

Violet grumbled, standing upright. «I know we can’t put it past them to start a war with their own infrastructure,» he said. «I want to make it difficult for them, that’s all. The little ones end up stealing it anyway, they hate to waste shinies. Might as well make a job of it the way a person would, instead of getting treated like raccoons.» He reached into one of his sleeves. «I actually came to give you this,» he said, handing Rose a Seeing Stone.

«Oooh,» Rose said, accepting it. «Where did you get it?»

«Leonas made it for us,» Violet said with a flutter of his eyelashes. Rose gasped.

«Did he really? Did you meet him?»

«I did,» Violet preened. «Karzarul brought him home.»

Rose clapped two of his hands with delight. «What was he like?»

«You know what he’s like.»

«With us, I mean,» Rose pressed. «Was he nice?»

«Very polite, it was a little sad,» Violet said. «Such an anxious little thing. Well, not little. He only seems little, you know, with those wrists. I don’t know what they’re feeding him but they should try more of it.»

«Dick?» Rose suggested.

«If he’s eating nothing but dick, that would explain a lot,» Violet said. «Oh, that’s right!» he remembered. «Karzarul figured it out, finally.» Rose shrieked. Violet shrieked back because it was infectious. «I know,» Violet said. «I can’t tell if they’ve had sex yet but they definitely did something. I don’t know the details, he doesn’t tell me anything.»

«I hate that!» Rose said.

«I know!» Violet said.

«Leonas is the new Heir?» Safi asked. He and Ru had settled themselves into chairs.

«I forget you don’t know,» Violet said. «He’s where we got our hair,» he said, fluffing his curls.

«And these,» Rose reminded him, tapping his mouth. Violet pressed a quick kiss to it, and they both giggled. Rose tried to kiss Violet’s neck around his necklace.

«Needy,» Violet accused, using one hand to stroke one of Rose’s antennae. Rose shuddered, leaning his weight against Violet. «I give you two boys all to yourself, and I don’t think you’ve even sat on them.»

«You’re the one who likes them dour,» Rose said. «That’s too much work for me. I like them easy.»

«Oh, rude,» Violet said, gripping Rose’s antenna outright, and Rose gasped at a high pitch as one of Violet’s other hands grabbed him by the throat. His two lower hands held his hips. Violet looked back toward the chairs, where both Impyrs turned their heads in opposite directions, pretending they hadn’t been watching. «If we start fucking, are you going to be sociable and join?»

Safi mumbled something noncommittal, and Ru mumbled an agreement.

«Sapphire,» Violet decided. «Your colors match better, I want to watch you fuck him.»

Safi’s face turned a darker shade of blue.

Violet slid a hand downward to stroke the bulge in Rose’s tights, and Rose groaned dramatically. Ru sat taller, looking toward the fireplace. «I heard something,» he said.

«Don’t be so obvious about it,» Violet scolded the Impyrs, who were now both sitting like they’d spotted prey in the walls. «Keep making fun noises, Rose, I’ll take a look.»

Rose obliged by stroking himself as soon as Violet let him go, gasping and moaning more than was strictly necessary. Violet took light steps to the fireplace, and experimentally summoned a little moonlight haze to feel for seams. He found the latch for a servant’s entrance hidden in the paneling, and in one quick motion pushed it open and caught the lurking presence by the arm. He clapped a hand over her mouth before she could scream, his lower two arms holding her off the ground by the waist.

“Oh!” Rose said with a small flare of his wings, clapping both pairs of his hands together. “It’s the Princess’ pet girl,” he said in Perivo.

“Either they have humans nesting in the walls,” Violet said, “or else we have a spy.” The woman tried to shake her head, and he could feel her trembling. It was tempting to kiss the top of her head, but he doubted she’d find that reassuring.

“Should we kill her?” Ru asked. Safi reached out to smack his arm as the woman struggled in Violet’s arms.

“Rude,” Violet said, holding her tighter. “We’re guests. Don’t threaten to kill the help.” He let her arm go to pat the top of her head. He brought her to the middle of the room and set her down, and her knees gave out underneath her. She knelt on the floor and fell into a prostrate bow.

“I only wanted to see if you needed anything, my lords,” she said in a small voice.

Rose clicked his tongue, snapping his own fan open. “Through the secret entrance for the housekeepers, and without announcing yourself?”

“All alone, to the room full of men?” Violet continued. He snapped a fan open to flutter it. “Not at all the done thing.” He used it to shield the lower half of his face as he nudged her side with the toe of his boot. She kept her head down, unmoving. “Perhaps the Princess sent her sneakiest girl to hide in the walls and catch us in a compromising position.” She shook her head again. “Perhaps she seeks to steal documents for the Queen, or treasures for her own.” She shook her head harder.

“Shall we try to get a confession out of her?” Rose asked.

Violet crouched down, snapping his fan shut and tapping both fans into the palm of the opposite hand. “We are, as always,” he said, “generous and merciful.” He tapped a fan against her shoulder. “Look at me,” he ordered. She raised her head, her face flush and her eyes wet. “Give us a name, dear.”

“Gemma,” she sniffled.

“Gemma,” Violet repeated, lifting her chin with the side of his folded fan. “Leave now, and go very far away, for if we ever see you again there will be consequences. Or, if you would prefer, you can prove you’re not a little sneak.”

“I’m not,” she insisted, sniffling again.

“I know, baby, I know,” he said. He ran the bare pad of a thumb underneath her eye. “Poor thing,” he said sympathetically, licking it off before he stood. “If you want to prove it,” he said, strolling closer to Safi, “you’ll have to take your clothes off.” He sat on the armrest of Safi’s chair, draping one right arm over the back of it and using his other right hand to toy with Safi’s hair.

“What?” she asked. Rose tittered behind his fan, sitting on Ru’s armrest in a mirror image of Violet.

“Your skirts are so big,” Violet said, crossing his legs over Safi’s lap, “and your bodice so solid, you could very well be hiding anything in there. If you have nothing to hide, then show us.” Violet shrugged, hand wandering from Safi’s hair to stroke his horn. “Or else leave, and trouble us no more.” She wrung her hands in her lap. “We’ll stay right over here,” Violet coaxed sweetly, “and you can stay over there. You can even keep your underthings. We’re being very trusting, aren’t we?”

«This seems unnecessary,» Safi said, shifting uncomfortably.

«Hush,» Violet said.

Gemma fidgeted with the laces on her bodice. “You won’t tell anyone?” she asked.

“Not even if you leave,” Violet promised. She rose to her feet and started untying her laces. “Rose, do tell me we have drinks.”

“We do,” Rose confirmed, sliding off Ru’s chair and heading for the suite’s dining room. Gemma kept her eyes downcast as she worked at her laces, until she could finally slide her bodice off. This accomplished very little, with her stays and her undershirt still on. She worked at the waist of her skirt next, as Rose returned with a bottle in one hand and glasses in two others. He hadn’t bothered getting any for the Impyrs. He handed a glass to Violet before sitting himself directly in Ru’s lap, sideways to keep his wings out of the way.

“So many layers,” Violet said, sipping at his wine. “I don’t know how they stand it.”

“Do you think we look naked to them?” Rose asked. “They must think we’re indecent.”

Gemma finally managed to get her skirt off, carefully shaking it out and folding it. She waited.

“The stays and the petticoats, too,” Violet said.

“You said I could keep my underthings,” Gemma said.

“Your under things,” Violet said. “Those are your… middle things.”

She set her skirt and her bodice aside much too tidily and started unlacing her stays.

«It’s really too bad there aren’t any monsters with tits,» Rose sighed.

Violet looked down at Safi. «Aren’t there?»

«Hey,» Safi frowned.

«I know the King wouldn’t want to be all… all…»

«Minnowy?» Violet suggested.

«Yes!» Rose agreed. «But it wouldn’t kill him to try it long enough to make us some company. Then humans wouldn’t be so distracting.»

«Of course they would,» Violet said. «We have each other, humans with nice asses aren’t less distracting. Besides, you know what he’s like. He’d end up with six tits and a cloaca.»

Ru snorted.

«Considering how long it took him to get the hang of dicks, let him eat Minnow out a hundred years more before you go asking for anything more complicated,» Violet said. Gemma finally managed to get out of her stays, her figure falling into a more curved configuration beneath her undershirt. Violet clapped politely, and Rose followed suit. Gemma looked flummoxed. “You’re lovely, dear,” Violet assured her. He raised a hand for a stage whisper. “The women here all look like cleaning supplies, you know—sticks with oodles of fabric at the ends.”

She giggled nervously as she let her petticoats fall.

Much better,” Violet said as she shook out her petticoat and folded it to join her skirt. Her bloomers still left a lot to the imagination, but at least she had calves.

Hands empty, she held out her arms and spun in a small circle. “See?” she said. “I haven’t taken anything.” She clasped her hands tightly in front of her stomach.

Violet hummed, sipping at his wine. “Take your hair down,” he said.

“There’s nothing in my hair,” Gemma said, patting at the thick braids wound around her head.

“I don’t care,” Violet said.

“Oh.” After a moment’s hesitation, Gemma started pulling pins out of her hair. She unwound the braids with her fingers until her hair fell crimped around her face.

“That’s cute,” Rose said approvingly.

“Mm-hmm,” Violet agreed, sliding off of Safi’s chair. Gemma shrank in on herself as Violet came closer, flexing his wings. “Drink?” he asked, offering her his glass. She accepted with tentative hands, only to take an enormous gulp. Violet giggled as he took the glass back. “You’re not a thief,” Violet said, “but you still might be a spy. The only way to be sure is to play a game.”

“What kind of a game?” Gemma asked.

“A traditional monster game,” Violet said, “where we see how many dicks we can fit inside you at once.”

Her eyes got very wide. “Oh.” She swallowed. “That’s traditional?”

“Every tradition starts somewhere,” Violet shrugged, downing the rest of his glass.

«I’m not comfortable with this,» Safi said, and Violet frowned, setting the empty glass aside on a shelf.

«Why not?» Violet asked. He bent down to grab Gemma’s chin, tilting her face toward the Impyr with the tips of sharp rings. «You don’t think she’s cute? I’ve seen the other women here, Sapphire, this one has the best arms of the lot so far.» Violet draped another arm over her shoulders.

«She’s obviously not a spy,» Safi said. «She doesn’t need to be punished.»

«We’re not punishing her,» Violet said. «She’s into it.»

«Is she?» Ru asked doubtfully.

«Did you not hear her earlier?» Violet asked. «With her ‘you’re tall’ thing?»

«She says that a lot,» Ru said.

«What did you think that meant?» Rose asked.

«We are tall,» Safi said.

Violet rolled his eyes. «When a human says ‘oh wow, you’re really tall‘ like that, it means they think your meat is huge and they want to see.»

«That’s not a thing,» Safi said.

«It’s a thing,» Rose said. «You guys are just dense.»

Violet looked back at Gemma, whose chin he was still holding. “The Impyrs,” he explained, “are shy.”

“Sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be,” he said. “You’re lovely. How are you at sucking dick?”

She blinked. “I don’t know?”

“Hmm,” Violet said. “Troubling.”

“I can,” she rushed to assure him. “I’ve done it before. Not a lot, is all.”

“I appreciate your honesty. Open your mouth, let’s see.” She didn’t open as wide as he would have liked, but it was enough to slide two fingers over her tongue. “Suck,” he ordered. He nuzzled at her hair as she complied. “She isn’t biting me,” he informed the others, “so that’s a good sign.”

“I’ll let you go first,” Rose said.

“Be nice,” Violet scolded as he took his fingers out of her mouth, and Rose stuck out his tongue. Violet tilted Gemma’s face toward his so that he could kiss her. It took a moment for her to relax enough to kiss him back. “Good girl,” he said, and she looked pleased. “Get on your knees, Gemma dear, let’s see what you can do.” He reached underneath his robe to free himself from his tights, and on the floor Gemma let out a high-pitched almost-shriek of surprise that gave him pause.

“There’s two of them,” she said.

“Yes,” he agreed.

“They’re big.”

“Thank you.”

Safi snickered.

«Watch it,» Violet warned, sliding the chains of his fans off his wrists to tuck them into his sleeves. «She isn’t going to be any less alarmed by what you’ve got.»

«We have the advantage of centuries more experience with human dicks,» Rose agreed.

«I don’t know about advantage,» Violet said. «I quite like the tentacles, if I’m honest.»

Safi rubbed at his nose, which did not hide his blush.

“Are you mad?” Gemma asked. “I didn’t mean to yell, I didn’t expect it was all.”

“You’re fine,” Violet assured her.

“I’m worried it’s going to poke me in the eye,” she admitted.

“Tilt your head,” he suggested, “and come to terms with the fact that you’re going to have a dick on your face. You’ll look lovely, I promise.” She opened her mouth. “Wait,” he said, and she stopped. “Constructive criticism,” he said, and she nodded. “Stick your tongue out, go tongue-first. Otherwise it looks like you’re about to take a bite out of it.” She stuck her tongue out this time before sliding her mouth over the lower of his cocks, the second rubbing against her cheek. “That’s fucking beautiful,” he said as she started to suck. “Get sloppy with it, sweetheart, messy is better. Bring your hands up here, there’s a dear.” He pulled out of her mouth, used his lower hands to guide hers and get her palms slick with saliva and pre-cum. Then he wrapped his fingers around her hands and used them to stroke himself, because he could already tell she wouldn’t grip tight enough otherwise. “Keep your hands working if you don’t want to gag on it.”

“You’re so helpful,” Rose said. “I think it’s sweet.”

“I live to serve,” Violet said loftily as Gemma stroked his cocks and started sucking again. “Against your face, dear,” he said, gesturing to indicate what he wanted. She pressed one hand against the base of the cock in her mouth and tried to take it deeper, using her other hand to press his cock against her cheek and stroke it. “That’s so fucking good,” he said, admiring the way it looked against her and how small it made her look. Echoes of memories that were never meant for him.

“Well now I’m jealous,” Rose said, setting down his glass and getting up out of Ru’s lap. He tucked his own fans into a pocket on his top, his sleeves being less voluminous and having less storage than Violet’s. “Let’s see if she can show me what she’s learned.”

“Now that I’ve done all the work you’re eager to reap the benefits,” Violet accused.

“Always,” Rose agreed, standing to the other side of the kneeling woman and getting his cocks out. Gemma looked at Rose, then back to Violet for guidance.

Violet made a suggestive gesture with two hands. “Take turns, sweetheart.”

She had to change the angle of her knees so that she was kneeling facing the Impyrs, allowing her to wrap her fingers around both Savagewings. She worked her mouth over Rose’s cocks, getting them slick enough for her hand to move easily before switching back to Violet.

“She’s trying very hard,” Rose observed as she sucked his lower cock again, pumping at the other cock against her cheek the way Violet had suggested.

“She is,” Violet agreed. “You ought to take the rest of your underthings off, darling, otherwise they’re going to get ruined soon.”

Gemma let them go as she caught her breath, wiping her hands off on her bloomers. She pulled her shirt up over her head, folding it carefully and setting it on the floor.

“She’s all pink,” Rose observed with delight. “Look how cute!” He bent down while she was trying to wiggle out of her bloomers, wrapping his arms around her. His lower right hand went between her thighs while he grabbed one of her breasts with the higher one, left hands running through her hair and stroking her jaw. “We match, isn’t that lovely?” He pinched her nipple between dusky pink fingers, another pushing inside of her without warning. She gasped and stopped moving with her bloomers around her knees.

“It is,” Violet agreed. “You’re being impatient.”

“I’m being very patient,” Rose said. “I didn’t fuck her face even a little, despite how funny it would have been to watch her choke on it.”

“You’re so mean,” Violet scolded, getting down on his knees. Rose moved his hands to hold her arms, squeezing one breast and tilting her face back toward his cocks. Violet pulled the last of her clothes off her legs, hands on her ankles and her thighs. He bent to stick his head between her legs, running his tongue from her entrance to her clit. She made a muffled sound with one of Rose’s cocks in her mouth.

“You’re so nice,” Rose teased, hands fully circling her biceps, giving her enough range of motion to awkwardly try to stroke him as she sucked. “What happened to seeing how many she could fit?”

“I haven’t eaten in a while,” Violet said dryly, and Rose laughed as Violet drove his tongue inside her and curled it.

Hadn’t if he ever had, if it counted. It wasn’t for her sake, but for his. Wanted to feel her muscles twitch under his own hands, feel her on his own face, taste her on his own tongue. His own lips, stolen as they were, his antennae brushing against her skin. It wasn’t about her, really. She could have been anyone who looked at him like that, whose wanting was as palpable as that. Wasn’t that what he’d always wanted, even before he was himself? Wasn’t that what they all wanted? To be what other people wanted?

And she had nice eyes.

He sucked at her clit and pushed two fingers inside her, listening to her moan as he worked them deeper. Violet remembered what he-not-him had felt, summoning those sounds out of someone else’s throat, but he’d never felt it, couldn’t make the feeling his. Had not felt it in the twitch of his cock or the shiver in his feathers, the thrum in his veins. Not his, not like this.

Violet licked his fingers as he raised his head, holding her legs apart and pressing the head of his lower cock against her. Rose moved his hands, holding her wrists and cradling her head so that they could both see her face. The flush to her skin went from the tips of her ears down to her breasts. She made high-pitched, panting sounds as Violet’s cock stretched her open, her eyes unfocused.

“I am beginning to think she may not be a spy,” Rose said. “Much too noisy, this one.”

“We can make her noisier,” Violet said, rocking his hips, one cock pumping into her while the other rubbed against her clit.

“That’ll be a neat trick once her mouth is full,” Rose said.

Violet was finally deep enough inside her that he was unlikely to slip back out accidentally as he thrust. He traced the sharp points of his rings over the skin of her breasts, pressed them into her hip. He kissed her throat, caught her mouth but released her in time to hear her cry when he thrust hard.

“Cute,” Rose teased.

«Don’t move,» Violet warned, and Rose’s breath caught. «Let her head go and hold her arms.»

«What if I promise to behave?» Rose asked, though he did as he was told.

«I wouldn’t believe you,» Violet said. «This is what you get for being a brat.» He kissed the corner of Gemma’s mouth, sliding his fingertips along the back of her scalp as he rocked his hips slower. “Stick your tongue out, darling,” he ordered. She did, and he guided her head to lick at Rose’s balls.

«I didn’t know there were going to be consequences,» Rose complained.

Violet ran the flat of his tongue over the head of Rose’s cock, wrapped his lips around it, and pushed it straight into his throat. With his lips at the base of Rose’s shaft, Gemma kissed the corner of Violet’s mouth, and he made a sound of surprise before pulling off.

“What a sweet girl you are,” Violet praised, thrusting hard and enjoying her noisy groan. «I’m going to make you finish first,» Violet warned.

«Oh, come on,» Rose whined.

«If you didn’t want to make a sloppy mess like a bitch, you shouldn’t have acted like one,» Violet said. «I want to watch you cum all over her face like a horny idiot who can’t control himself.»

«I would also like to see that,» Safi said.

«We’re supposed to be ganging up on her,» Rose pouted.

Violet gripped Gemma’s hips with his lower hands to pound into her harder. “What does our pretty little human think of getting fucked by a monster?” he asked.

“Big,” she managed, but barely.

“Flatterer,” Violet purred. “You’re going to be taking much more, soon enough. Tell us how much you like the taste of monster cock, remember we don’t care if you’re lying.”

“I—I—I like it, I do.”

“You want more?”


“Say please,” Violet said, tilting her head back so that her face was upside-down, still out of reach of Rose’s erection, still slick with saliva and pre-cum.

Please,” she said, and it came out choked when Violet thrust hard enough to make her body bounce. She pulled against Rose’s hands, still holding her arms. “Please, my Lord, I can—ah—I’ll take it.”

“Fuck me, that’s hot,” Rose said.

Violet wrapped his upper right hand around Rose’s cock, used the other hand not on Gemma’s hips to guide her mouth onto the cock he wasn’t stroking. She sucked obediently, though Violet didn’t make her take him to the back of her throat. “You want more, don’t you?” Violet asked. Gemma moaned on Rose’s cock.

“Violet,” Rose pleaded.

«You want to fuck her face?» Violet asked, stroking faster.


«Too fucking bad,» Violet said. «You’re lucky I don’t make you stand there and jerk off in her mouth while we watch.»

“Ah,” Rose gasped. “Fuck, fuck.”

“I know,” Violet said, bending to nip at Gemma’s throat. “But no matter how badly she wants to choke on it, you simply must control yourself. Humans need to breathe, after all.”

Gemma shuddered with a groan.

“Don’t worry, dear,” Violet assured her. “With enough practice you’ll have some monster’s balls bouncing on your nose in no time, I’m sure.” He smiled sharp at Rose. «Be a good boy and cum for me, Safi’s going to need your face to keep his cock warm.»

Rose’s wings flared and then beat as he came, thrusting despite Violet’s instructions. Gemma only choked a little, swallowed what she could though it overflowed quickly onto her face. The cock in Violet’s hand twitched at the same time, painting Gemma’s throat and tits silvery-white as Violet laughed.

«You’re so fucking easy,» Violet said, untying the elaborate bows at his waist to slide his top off. «You two should take your clothes off,» he added to the Impyrs, «because I’ll make a mess of you too.» Violet pulled out of Gemma, sliding his arms underneath her. “Give her here, let’s get her off the floor now that you’ve had your fun.” Rose let her arms go as Violet scooped her up. “Careful not to get your mess everywhere,” Violet warned, and Gemma looked a little bit mortified. «Ru, sit back down, you’re going to need a lap for this.»

Rubellite had been taking his clothes off as instructed, and Violet admired the broad span of his back in the moment before he returned to the chair.

They were going to be hell on the upholstery.

“I brought you a pre-sent,” Violet said cheerfully, arranging Gemma so that she straddled Ru’s thighs. She made a high-pitched sound of alarm.

“I don’t think she likes me,” Ru said.

“That’s just the sound she makes when she sees a dick,” Violet said, patting the top of her head. “Isn’t it, dear?”

“It’s got extra bits,” Gemma said weakly.

“Those are the best part,” Violet assured her. “You should hold onto his shoulders.” Violet had to bend his legs a little to get the correct angle, guiding his upper cock inside her this time. She groaned, and he pushed at her hips to bring them lower, until the cock outside of her could press against Ru’s. “That’s better,” Violet said as Ru growled, his tentacles wrapping around Violet’s cock, “like that.”

Gemma cried out as Violet thrust, one cock squeezed tight inside her and the other pressed between her clit and Ru’s cock. Ru grabbed her by the hair and ran his tongue over her cheek, licking shimmering cum from her face, and she shivered. Then Ru kissed her, the taste of Rose still on his tongue, her face dwarfed by the hands holding it. She whimpered into his mouth and Violet gripped her by her hips and her shoulders to pound faster into her.

“Oh,” Rose sighed, draping himself over Safi before he could sit back down. “I’m jealous again.” He kissed Safi’s throat. «Am I supposed to be getting punished, or edging him?» Rose asked.

«It can be both,» Violet said.

«You should take my clothes off,» Rose said, delighted when Safi started untying his belts. «And kiss me,» he added. Rose moved his wings to help Safi get the robe off of them, curling them protectively around them both as Safi kissed him.

Ru was licking at Gemma’s chest now, sucking at her nipples, sharp teeth against her skin. The tentacles wrapped around Violet’s cock rubbed at her clit as Violet thrust, and she came with a scream, her back arching hard. Violet worked to keep his wings under control as he continued thrusting, her muscles all twitching around him.

Violet nuzzled at her hair and purred as she started to relax again, limp enough that he could drive his cock deeper. “I’m going to fill your tight little cunt with inhuman seed you were never meant to take,” he said in her ear, “and you’re going to say ‘please’.”

“Please,” Gemma gasped, “please please please—”

Violet couldn’t help a few beats of his wings with his final thrusts, burying himself to the hilt as he came, filling her and spilling out onto Ru’s stomach and cock. Ru’s tentacles tightened around him at the same time, made it all the more intense as Violet sank his teeth into Gemma’s shoulder. Ru kissed her, swallowed her little whimpering sounds as Violet beat his wings and pumped his cock a few more times. Instinct to claim her as his, not forever but for now.

Rose made a short, trilling sound of indignance, but knew better than to argue the point.

Violet drew his wings in before he released the grip of his jaw, licking the mark his teeth had left in her skin. He caught his breath as he pulled out, running his fingers down her spine.

«I don’t know if seed is accurate,» Rose mused. «We don’t really plant anything, do we?» He was snuggled up in the chair with Safi, wings draped over them both as they watched the others.

«Don’t be a pedant,» Violet said. «It’s the right amount of fucked-up sounding without being gross.» Rose opened his mouth. «You’re about to start listing things,» Violet said, «and they’re going to be gross and kill the mood, so don’t. Safi, shut him up.»

Safi obliged with his tongue as Violet started moving Gemma’s hips again. “Ru’s turn,” Violet said cheerfully, pushing her down onto him.

Oh,” she gasped. “It’s—I don’t think I can—it’s too much.”

“Doesn’t she say the nicest things?” Violet said. “But I did all that work getting her all wet and stretchy, so she’s going to take it fine.” Violet leaned back, two hands on her hips and the other two on her ass so that he could hold her open and watch. Rubellite’s skin was a deep rich pink, and on his cock it was run through with the faint pulsing light of a lesser monster. The smallest hint of what it was that animated them in earnest. Gemma’s pink was a more natural shade, all swollen now from what he’d done to her, shimmering with mingled fluids. Ru’s tentacles were holding her open, too, as she sank further onto him and stretched open wider.

«Rubellite, love, you look positively vulgar,» Violet said, and Ru growled. «I’m going to take her face in a minute, but I want to see you in her ass first.»

One of Ru’s tentacles wrapped around his cock, coated in cum before sliding upward toward Gemma’s ass. Violet could see the way she clenched reflexively when the tentacle pushed against her, and giggled. “Has our pretty little human never taken it up the ass before?” he asked.

“How fun,” Rose said, still snuggled up with Safi, “that we get to have her first.” He’d started idly rubbing his cocks against Safi’s, pleasant but without urgency.

“I can’t,” Gemma insisted.

“You can,” Violet assured her. The tentacle was slick and slender enough to push its way inside her, and Violet watched in fascination the way her muscles relaxed when she gave up resisting. She cried out, louder when the tentacle started to move. “That’s what I want to see, make her take it.” Violet’s hands on her hips lifted her a little so that he could use her to stroke Ru’s cock. “Hear how wet she is?” Violet teased. “She likes it, give her another.”

Another tentacle slowly joined the first, Ru thrusting upward, and Violet gripped her tighter as he watched her stretch open. “That’s how a good human takes it,” he said, finally letting her go to let Ru do as he pleased with her. Ru held her by her waist to bounce her in his lap, and Violet grabbed her by the hair to pull her head sideways. Violet’s cocks were still soaked, as hard as they’d been inside her, and she struggled to lick him clean with Ru fucking her.

Violet used his two right hands to hold her head still and stabilize her so that he could push his cock into her mouth, the head bulging against her cheek. “See how good your cunt tastes when it’s full of monster cum?” he asked, and she groaned. One left hand squeezed one of her breasts while the other pressed his second cock against her bulging cheek. “Make her cum for me, Ru, I want to spoil her.”

Ru’s tentacles rubbed at her clit, found the spot where she’d press against the touch instead of shying away from it. He kept thrusting into her, tentacles winding in and out of her ass and Violet holding her mouth still on his cock. She shook as she came, her scream muffled by Violet’s skin. “Look how pretty,” Violet said, stroking her hair as her whole body went taut and shaky before going near-limp. He thrust a little as a test, and she was worn out enough that he managed a few times before she gagged. He pulled out, and she tried to catch her breath while Ru was still knocking all the air out of her. Violet bent to kiss her, dragging sharp rings along her jaw. “It’s so con-ven-ient,” Violet said, “how making them cum gets humans to go all soft on the inside. I bet you didn’t even know you could fit that much dick in you, did you?”

She made quiet, helpless sounds that might have been in the affirmative.

Violet raised his head to catch Ru’s mouth, and Ru purred in happy surprise as Violet arranged Gemma to rest against his chest. «I love watching you work,» Violet said, wrapping a hand around one of Ru’s horns. «You get your dick in something soft and you’re like a dumb animal ready to fuck it to death.» Ru snarled, baring his teeth. «Yeah, that’s what we like.» Violet growled, flared out his wings until Ru lost the curl to his lip. “Gemma, darling,” Violet said as he tucked his wings back in, “Rubellite here is about to fuck you like he wants to split you in half.”

“Oh,” she said, wide-eyed. “I, I, I thought he already was.”

“I know, sweetheart, that’s why I’m warning you. If you don’t want to fuck your throat up screaming, you’re going to want to hold on tight and bite down right here.” Violet tapped a finger at the spot where Ru’s neck met his shoulder. Gemma wrapped her arms around Ru, wiggling to adjust her position and bring her head to the level of his shoulder.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” she asked Ru. “You’ll like it?”

“Yeah,” Ru said hoarsely. “I won’t hurt you.”

“You’re already hurting her,” Violet reminded him. “She likes it. You like it when he fucks you hard like that?”

“Yeah,” Gemma sighed.

“Ask nice for the big scary monster to fill you up,” Violet said.

“Please,” Gemma said, because that had worked well enough before, “please, my Lord.” Ru gripped her hips and held her down as he thrust hard and fast up into her, tentacles pumping in and out of her ass as he thrust. Gemma did as she’d been told and sank her teeth into his shoulder, getting a snarling growl out of him as he thrust harder. She made low, guttural sounds as she bounced in his lap, biting down harder, her nails scratching at his back. Violet kissed Ru in time to catch the roar that escaped his throat, cock twitching inside her and flooding her with even more silvery-white, spilling onto both their thighs. Gemma whimpered again as she let him go, but Ru held her face to dot it with kisses.

«He always gets so snuggly,» Rose said.

«It’s your turn again next,» Violet warned him. «Clear out of Safi’s lap, I’m going to need that for girl storage.»

«Do I at least get to have her ass this time?» Rose asked, tucking his wings in and sliding off of Safi’s thighs.

«Ob-viously,» Violet said. “Stop hogging the human, let everyone have a turn,” he scolded, lifting her up off of Ru. “You’re getting prettier all the time,” he told her as he carried her to Safi’s chair. She had a sheen of sweat, her skin flush all over, thighs soaked and lips still slick. He set her down on Safi’s thighs, her back to his chest, and her breath caught.

“He’s not going to—?”

“Not yet,” Violet said, tapping the tip of her nose with one finger. “We’re saving the best for last.” She shook her head mutely. “I know, baby,” he said sympathetically. “We’re working your way up to it, love, don’t worry.” Rose moved between her legs, standing between Safi’s knees at the same time as he spread her thighs apart. “You didn’t think it would fit before, did you, and listen to how much you loved having a big fat cock inside you.” Rose thrust his lower cock into her, and she tried to cover her face in embarrassment at the sound it made from all the mingled fluids still inside her. “Oh no,” Violet warned, pulling one wrist down while Rose grabbed another. “Let’s see that pretty face while you hear what a well-fucked pussy sounds like, sweetheart.”

Her face was turning scarlet as beneath her Safi kissed her shoulder, reaching around to toy with her breasts.

“I know Ru already got her ready for me,” Rose said, holding her jaw as he pulled out of her, “but I want to see what she looks like the first time she has a cock in her ass.” The slick head of his cock pressed against her, and after tentacles had stretched her out she offered little resistance as he pushed one cock into her ass and another into her cunt at the same time. She cried out and tried to squirm, but there were too many hands on her, holding her down as Rose buried himself inside her. Rose kissed at the tears that threatened to fall from her eyelashes. “There’s a pretty girl,” he said, rocking his hips. He rubbed at her clit with one of his thumbs, and she gasped. “That’s better, isn’t it?” he said, and she nodded. “You wouldn’t think it would be such a tight fit, considering what Ru did to her, but she’s still so small.”

“That’s what makes pussy so fun,” Violet said, petting her hair. “You have to be careful with them, that’s all. Ru, I don’t think she’s cleaned up her mess yet.”

Ru moved to the other side of the chair, gripping the base of his cock so that his tentacles would wrap around his hand and stay out of her face. Violet pushed her head toward Ru’s cock, and Gemma licked at it before opening it wide enough to take at least some into her mouth. Violet held her down there, giggling when she let out a nervous whimper.

“She’s so pretty when she’s full,” Violet said. “Harder, loves, I want to hear her.”

Rose started to move in long strokes, pulling half out before thrusting back in, while Safi pinched and tugged at her nipples. Her scream was muffled by Ru’s cock in her mouth, Rose and Violet still holding her wrists and her legs.

“You’re beautiful, darling,” Violet said.

“Never prettier,” Rose agreed. “Do you think I can make her cum again?”

“It cannot possibly be difficult,” Violet said. Ru rocked his hips a little, shallow thrusts into her mouth, only enough to add a bouncy sound to it as she moaned onto him. “Oh, that’s a fun sound, I like that.” Ru pulled out so that she could gasp for air before Violet pushed her back onto him. “I think she’s gotten better at it already, don’t you?”

“Significant improvement,” Rose agreed, rubbing at her clit. “Soon enough I’ll have filled her from both ends, there won’t be any part of her insides I haven’t painted.”

“I’m sure you’re very proud of yourself,” Violet said.

“Always,” Rose said, fluttering his wings. «I want to claim her,» he admitted, though Violet had already done it.

«Too fucking bad,» Violet said.

«I know,» Rose said. «But I want to.» He flexed his wings, thrust hard into her and rubbed hard at her clit until she made a high-pitched sound on Ru’s cock. Violet kept holding her head still and her jaw open as her legs twitched and she tightened around Rose. The head of Ru’s cock moving in and out of her mouth made her rapidly alternate between noisy and muffled. Rose’s hips slammed into her, wings flaring, teeth bared. Violet let her head go to shove his hand over Rose’s mouth, and Rose immediately bit him. Ru pulled out of her mouth so that she could relax back into Safi, who patted her stomach affectionately.

«Don’t test me,» Violet warned, as Rose’s teeth let him go.

«I can’t help it,» Rose complained, his wings in a high arch and his feathers all puffed.

Violet let Gemma go entirely to move around Rose, wrapping two arms around him from behind to pin his wings down. Rose tried to elbow him, but Violet grabbed one of his antennae and bit down on his shoulder. Rose stilled, and when Violet stroked his antenna he shuddered. Rose’s hips rocked gentler than before as Violet bit down harder, Violet’s wings beating once as Rose’s were held still. Rose’s breath came in gasps as he moved faster, gripped Gemma’s hips tighter, and when Violet trilled against his skin he buried himself deep and came with a small cry. Gemma mewled and squirmed as he filled her, Violet letting him go so that his wings could relax.

“Ready for your turn?” Violet asked Safi, who was still toying with her breasts. He nodded. Rose had recovered enough of his senses to hook his hands under her knees, lifting them high and apart so that he could see what he was doing as he lifted her off his cocks. She groaned as he pulled out of her, crying out when he immediately lowered her ass onto Safi’s eager erection. Violet rested his head on Rose’s shoulder so he could watch gravity pull her down, Rose’s cum dripping down Safi’s thick blue cock and getting caught by his tentacles. The light of him made it sparkle. “I told you it would fit,” Violet said, trading places with Rose and letting her legs fall around his hips.

“Again?” she asked him weakly.

“Mm-hmm,” Violet said, tapping the tip of her nose. “It was so much fun the first time, after all.” He bent low between her legs, giving her a long lick that dipped inside of her and filled his mouth with the taste of Gemma and Ru and Rose all at once. Then he caught her mouth with his, cupping her face to kiss her, his tongue stroking hers as she moaned. “Thank Rose for making you taste so good,” he ordered.

“Thank you,” she managed, her voice tiny and strained.

“That’s so fucking cute,” Rose said.

«Go wash your dick off so you don’t make her sick,» Violet said. «Take Ru with you while you’re at it, he had his tentacles in her ass.»

«Oh hell, I always forget about that,» Rose said, grabbing Ru by the arm to pull him toward the washroom. «Humans get sick too easy, they should do something about that.»

«I’m sure they’ll get right on it once you point it out,» Violet said. He kissed Gemma again, swallowed the sound she made when his lower cock slid back inside her. Wet and soft and hot, and when Safi moved his hips Violet could feel it, the stretch of her body against him.

“You feel even better,” Violet said, “now that you’ve got a nice big dick in your ass.” She squeaked and turned her head as if she might bury her face in Safi’s neck. Safi kissed her forehead. Violet kissed her carotid, grinding one of his cocks against her swollen clit and making her squirm.

“Good girl,” Safi growled in her hair as he thrust upward, making her bounce in his lap. She groaned loud as Violet alternated his strokes with Safi’s, something sliding in or out of her at all times.

“What a terrible thing we’ve done to this poor little human,” Violet mused. “We’ve fucked her much too well, we’ve spoiled her for humans now.” Safi purred as Violet grabbed her by the hair. “Haven’t we, sweetheart?”


“You want a nice little human to be sweet to you?” he pressed.


“You want the terrible monsters to fill you up like a cumrag?”


“Rose, you’re back just in time, come make her pretty for Safi.”

Rose wasn’t hard anymore, but he guided Gemma’s head sideways to get her mouth onto him. She sucked each of his cocks in turn, though not particularly well, too easily distracted by the others still inside her. It was enough to get Rose hard again, resting one cock in her mouth and another on her cheek the way Violet had done earlier.

Fuck,” Safi groaned.

“That’s better,” Violet said. “Look at the pretty girl, Safi, look what she lets us do to her. Make her scream for me, I want to see if you can jerk me off using nothing but your dick inside her.” Violet gripped her hips tight, held her still as Safi started to pound rapidly upward. Gemma made a high-pitched keening sound, and Violet allowed himself a twitch of his wings at the feeling. Pressure and friction, Safi’s cock stroking his through the thin barrier of her insides, seeming impossible that she could bear it when everything about her was so fragile.

Safi came deep inside her with a roar through his teeth, and Rose pulled out of her mouth so that they could hear her ragged groan.

“You’ve definitely spoiled her, Safi,” Violet said, pulling her upright to rest against Safi’s chest again. Rose kissed Safi as Violet rocked his hips. Violet kissed her throat, then the shoulder still free of the mark of his teeth. «No one else touch her for a minute,» Violet warned, though it was impossible to avoid when she was still impaled on Safi’s cock.

Violet held her hips with two hands, wrapped the others around her to hold her body against his. He thrust harder and sank his teeth into her shoulder. She cried out and wriggled against his hold, and his wings flared out with a growl against her skin. When she went limp and whimpering he started driving into her in long strokes, wings beating with each thrust. She reached up to hold onto him, fingers digging into his skin. He came inside of her and over her stomach, waiting until he’d nearly finished before giving a few more thrusts for good measure. He pulled away enough to admire the matched bites on either side of her, the minuscule puncture wounds his fangs had left the second time.

«Greedy,» Rose accused.

«Jealous,» Violet shot back, and he didn’t mean of him. «Last call for kisses,» he warned, bringing her knuckles to his mouth. Rose and Safi and Ru all started dotting quick kisses to whichever parts of her they could reach, until she descended into giggles. “Let’s let her up now, come on,” Violet said, moving to scoop her up and lift her off of Safi. She gasped and tried to press her thighs together as he carried her. “Do your legs work?” he asked her.

“I don’t know,” she admitted.

“I’m asking if you can use the lavatory yourself, or if I need to help you,” he clarified.

“I’m fine,” she said immediately, horrified by the prospect of the alternative. “I can wait, actually.”

“My understanding of human anatomy suggests that you cannot.” He opened the door for her and set her down gently, hands still on her in case she toppled over. She wobbled and took shaky steps. “Take as long as you need,” he said cheerfully. “We’ll be running lots of water and being very noisy out here.” He waved as she shut the lavatory door.

He returned when the door finally opened again. “Feeling okay?” he asked. “Nothing broken?”

“I don’t think so,” she said, squeaking as he scooped her back up.

Ex-cellent,” he said. “Then it’s time for the best part.”

“It isn’t done?” she asked with more than a little terror.

“Not at all,” Violet said, carrying her into the washroom. He lowered her into the enormous tub full of steaming water, and she uncurled slowly and with great caution. “Better?” he asked, and she nodded mutely. “Good.” He patted the top of her head.

He ran soapy fingers gently over her shoulders, where the marks of his teeth were rapidly blossoming into bruises.

“Am I correct, pretty girl, that you were sneaking around hoping to get a better look at us?” Violet asked.

Gemma lowered her eyes to the water, rubbing at the shimmer on her thighs. “I’ve never seen monsters like you before,” she mumbled.

“Of course you would want to,” Violet assured her. “We’re v-er-y attractive, aren’t we?”

“Very much, my Lord,” she agreed.

“I didn’t really think you were a spy,” Violet said, using his fingertips to untangle her hair. “I only wanted to get your clothes off. Are you upset with me for lying?”

“No,” she said. “I assumed that was what was happening.”

“Good girl,” he said, coaxing her head back so that he could wash her hair. “As long as you aren’t already spying for anyone,” he asked, “how would you like a job?”