hungry thirsty roots


“We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?”

Goblin Market, Christina Rossetti

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Nonconsent (of the ‘has copious orgasms anyway’ variety) ❤ Hints of Mindbreak ❤ Violence ❤ Blood ❤ Sadism ❤ Death ❤ Tentacle Dicks ❤ Physical & Emotional Abuse ❤ Implied Prior Child Abuse ❤ Gaslighting & Manipulation ❤ Torture ❤ Food Control ❤ Narratophilia ❤ Degrading Language (involving gendered slurs, comparisons to animals, and insults to intelligence to name a few) ❤ Rough Sex ❤ Slapping ❤ Facefucking ❤ Throatfucking ❤ Hair Pulling ❤ Tentacle in Vagina Sex ❤ Anal Sex ❤ Creampie ❤ Throatpie ❤ Just A Lot Of Jizz Everywhere In General ❤ Also The Jizz Is Magic ❤ Choking ❤ Physical Restraint ❤ Objectification ❤ Living-Fucktoy ❤ Imprisonment ❤ An Actual Dungeon Type Cell With Shackles And Everything ❤ Breast Play ❤ Implied Attempted Genocide???