Truth or Dare

Commander Astro is possessed of a cosmic power that renders him almost invincible. As leader of the Hyperiads, he’s supposed to be a paragon of virtue. Usually, that’s not too difficult. But with a second-in-command like Arachne, with her penchant for leather and rope, things can get… tricky. Especially after a long day punching monsters, unwinding at headquarters with a drinking game or two. Trying to keep a secret is hard enough on a team full of detectives without bringing liquor into the equation. Arachne’s never been a fan of black and white; so what if tying people up is a hobby for villains and not heroes? Even good guys are allowed to be bad once in a while, and she can teach the Commander a thing or two about being bad.

This short story of about 10,000 words features explicit sex, male domination, female submission, masks, enthusiastic consent, magical space cotton, rope bondage, super strength, safe sex, and scapegorillas.

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