Unprofessional Behavior: Chapter Fourteen

Jeremy: Coming over tonight?
Victoria: Can’t.
Jeremy: K
Victoria: Apartment hunting.
Jeremy: ??
Victoria: My building got condemned.
Jeremy: ?????
Victoria: Yeah.
Victoria: The plumbing was always pretty fucked up but now no one’s getting water.
Victoria: Nothing is working.
Victoria: Instead of fixing it I guess they’re just going to… not?
Jeremy: Are you okay?
Victoria: Yeah.
Victoria: I’m buying bottled water.
Jeremy: How soon do you need to be out?
Victoria: Within a couple days I guess?
Victoria: I don’t know.
Victoria: I’ll get it figured out.
Jeremy: What about my place?
Jeremy: ?
Victoria: No, I have some leads.
Jeremy: I mean the basement apartment
Jeremy: It’s all fixed up and everything
Victoria: Don’t worry about it.
Jeremy: As a temporary measure to get you somewhere with a working shower
Jeremy: There’s also a big tub if that helps
Victoria: Are you bribing me with plumbing?
Jeremy: Maybe
Jeremy: You’ve never even seen the place I don’t think
Victoria: I haven’t.
Jeremy: It can’t hurt to look
Jeremy: You can at least keep your shit here
Victoria: I’ll check it out.
Jeremy: Dinner?
Victoria: No, later.
Victoria: I’ll eat before I get there.
Jeremy: Okay


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