Unprofessional Behavior: Chapter Twelve

Jeremy: I just watched Josh sneak into accounting to steal a cruller
Jeremy: Which he then dropped
Jeremy: And then ate anyway
Jeremy: He thinks no one saw but now we both know his secret
Jeremy: Are you avoiding me?
Victoria: No.
Jeremy: Well that got a quick reply
Jeremy: You’re pretty clearly avoiding me, though
Jeremy: Is it because I came over?
Victoria: I came to your house after that.
Victoria: I’m not avoiding you.
Jeremy: I’ve barely seen you around the office
Jeremy: You haven’t been replying when I text you
Victoria: I’ve been busy
Jeremy: Can I tell you what I think?
Victoria: Sure.
Jeremy: I think I crossed a line when I showed up at your apartment and it freaked you out
Jeremy: I think you’re avoiding me to put space between us
Victoria: It wasn’t a big deal.
Jeremy: Nothing is ever a big deal
Victoria: ?
Jeremy: For someone who bitches as much as you do, you’re always fine
Victoria: I get pissed at you all the time.
Jeremy: Even when you’re pissed you’re fine
Jeremy: You’re never not fine
Victoria: Is that a problem?
Jeremy: I don’t know
Jeremy: I never know if there’s a problem and I can’t fix what I can’t see
Victoria: Maybe I don’t need fixing.
Jeremy: That was bad word choice and not what I meant
Jeremy: If there’s nothing I can do to stop you from ghosting me then tell me
Jeremy: Save us both some time
Victoria: I’m not ghosting you.
Jeremy: Okay
Victoria: This is why I don’t date.
Jeremy: Because you don’t like getting called out on bullshit?
Victoria: Fuck you.
Jeremy: Sorry
Jeremy: I was trying to tease and I don’t think the tone came through right
Victoria: It’s okay.
Victoria: It hasn’t even been a week and you’re freaking out, though.
Jeremy: I wouldn’t call this freaking out
Victoria: I mean I do this sometimes.
Victoria: I like space and I like being alone and this is what I default to.
Victoria: If I don’t need anything from you then you won’t hear from me and it’s exactly as shitty as it sounds.
Victoria: I’m not going to pretend it’s not shitty and selfish but I’m not going to change either.
Jeremy: Maybe it seemed like I was overreacting but it seemed like a reasonable assumption
Jeremy: You’ve said less to me in the last four days than any day in the last four months
Jeremy: Not including that time you tried to give me the silent treatment
Jeremy: But even then you made sure I saw you not talking to me
Victoria: I just needed some breathing room.
Jeremy: You’re entitled to that
Jeremy: If you warn me I’ll know to back off
Jeremy: I know I’m constantly asking you to tell me things
Jeremy: And I know you don’t like to do that
Jeremy: It’s just that if you said “hey everythings fine but i need space for a bit ttyl” it might save us both some trouble
Victoria: How fucking dare you.
Jeremy: >:3c
Victoria: Oh my fucking god.
Victoria: I have never been so offended in my whole life.
Victoria: First you impugn my grammar and then you emote at me.
Jeremy: >;3c
Victoria: Jesus Christ.
Victoria: I’m never letting you put your dick in me again.
Jeremy: Pretty sure you’re going to beg, actually
Victoria: Not if you’re making that face I’m not.
Jeremy: Are you suggesting that I might
Jeremy: In real life
Jeremy: Go >:3c at you
Jeremy: With my dick out
Victoria: At this point I can’t put anything past you, you fucking monster.
Jeremy: Are you in your office trying not to laugh because you were imagining me doing it?
Victoria: Don’t stalk me.
Jeremy: I’m not, I’m just a very good deductive reasoner
Jeremy: d:3
Victoria: What the fuck is that.
Jeremy: It was supposed to be a deerstalker cap but I don’t think it worked
Jeremy: There’s no pipe emoji, either
Victoria: Don’t you dare send me an emoji you insufferable fucking nerd.
Jeremy: Oh, -I’m- the nerd?
Victoria: The head of IT and Accounting is the king of the nerds.
Jeremy: But which of us has more achievements to our screenname, is the real question
Jeremy: Be honest
Jeremy: Are you mad that I know you like nerd shit?
Jeremy: Were the playtendostations supposed to be a secret
Victoria: That would be fucking stupid.
Jeremy: That’s not a no
Victoria: I don’t play that many games anyway.
Victoria: None of it has multiplayer or combat so it basically doesn’t even count.
Jeremy: No combat at all?
Victoria: Turn-based sometimes.
Jeremy: That counts
Jeremy: Neeeerd


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